• Genre
  • Duration
    5min training
    10min photosession
  • Number of players
Part two of a legendary City Z. Are you still alive? Good. The first City Z mission has been completed, there is no hope of salvation - your group will have to find their way out of the hollow buildings of the City's towers on their own. Waves of attacking zombies have already found out about you. Will you become a hero or a dinner? Accurate shooting and reaction speed will help you survive in this meat grinder. Do not think about equipment, move as fast as possible - this is the only way to complete the mission. Zombies have mutated and now you have to meet not just a frail office clerks. Their place was taken by huge fat men, nasty clowns and creeping reptiles with limbs - the "pinnacle" of zombie evolution. Are you ready to face them?

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