• Genre
  • Duration
    5min training
    10min photosession
  • Number of players
The abandoned city of the Aztecs is a mythical place. You cannot get here by plane or train. The secrets of the lost sanctuary can only be discovered as part of a group of scouts, and you become part of it. Your guide is the spirit of High Priest Atlan. He will accompany you on your journey and help you get into the city. In return, you must free the priest's soul and help him find freedom. To do this, you have to go through all the portals and complete the tasks of the ancient inhabitants. And also start the Machine - the city's energy source and learn how to manage it. On the way to the finale, you will catch magic fireflies, shoot lightning, sail in a boat along a magic river and even leave your body for a while - an incomparable sensation!

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